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A Family Business Since 1977

Facca Fasteners is a family-owned, family-run business founded in 1977. We are built on hard work and extraordinary service, a foundation by which we thrive today. We're not operating out of a garage any more, but we treat our loyal customers the same way we have for over 47 years; like family.

With over 25 million pieces in stock, our customers know that if we don't carry the fastener they're looking for nobody does. We also offer a wide variety of hand tools, electric, air & battery tools, abrasives, cutting discs, automotive lightbulbs, LED signage and more!

If you have a need for a hard-to-find piece, don't give up on finding it before you talk to one of our expert staff.

Our Brand New Showroom

Facca Fasteners offers all the tools, parts, pieces, storage and accessories you can think of. Whether you're one of our amazing, loyal customers, or are just finding out about us, we invite you to come visit our brand-new showroom and see just how far Facca Fasteners has come.