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Reflective Arrow with Flashing LED and Magnets

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Flashing LED Arrow Sign  
     $57.50/each Canadian Prices. CAD
     Buy 5 or more at $50.00/each
Canadian Prices. CAD

  Reflective material that is brighly coloured and highly visible.
  When on, LEDs in the Chevron/Arrows provide maximum visibility for safety.
  Instant installation on metal surfaces, by magnets along edges.
  Grommets provided for secure mounting with bungee cords, or rope, etc.
  Batteries 3x AA   (not included)
  Push button switch turns LED lights on and off
  Approximate Weight 2.5 lbs
  Approximate Dimensions 32.5" wide x 18" high
Order Desk:   Phone: 1-800-265-7606  (519-681-5931),   Fax: 519-681-4874.   Top

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