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Fender Welt in Vinyl, Rubber, & Chrome Mylar

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Text from Images: Fender Welt fenderwelts welting Pkg qty package quantity Packaged 50, 75, 100, or 150 ft/roll, ft. ft feet foot per roll, rolls, case carton, Solid Rubber-Vinyl Fenderwelt, Dull Black, solid, rubber, Solid Vinyl-Rubber, FW4134DS, 1/4" bead, 1-1/2" leg, 1-3/4" overall, FW7100DS, 7/32" bead, 3/4" leg, 31/32" overall, Vinyl Fenderwelt, Shiny Black, with synthetic core, sewn in, plastic bead, FW3112PI, 3/16" bead, 1-5/16" leg, 1-1/2" overall, FW3200PI, 3/16", bead, 1-13/16" leg, 2" overall, FW4112PI, 1/4" bead, 1-5/16", leg, 1-1/2", overall, FW4200PI, 1/4", bead, 1-13/16", leg, 2", overall, Mylar Fenderwelt, Shiny Chrome, reflective, silver, Chrome Mylar, with synthetic core, shiny silver, FW3112CM, 3/16" bead, 1-5/16" leg, 1-1/2" overall, RW136, RW-136, Black vinyl, V-875, V875, 825-305, 825305, 825-305-Rubber, 825-305Rubber, 825305Rubber, Black Rubber, FW-2, FW2, 810-008, 810008, crome, chrome, mylar, foil, crinkle, sparkle, sparkly, sparklie, shine, shiney, shiny, gloss, glossy, silver, silvery 3/4", 7/32", 1-3/8", 3/16", 1-1/2", 1/4", 2", leg flange, leg-flange, tube, rod, ball, bead od, O.D. Overall dia. diameter Facca Fasteners has many hard to find automotive trims, upholstery articles, and other automotive specialty items.

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The solid vinyl-rubber type is our most popular of fenderwelts.

Solid Rubber-Vinyl Fenderwelt, Dull Black Solid Vinyl-Rubber
    (dull black)
FW4134DS - 1/4"bead, 1-1/2"leg, 1-3/4"overall, 150ft
FW7100DS - 7/32"bead, 3/4"leg, 31/32"overall, 100ft

Vinyl Fenderwelt, Hollow Bead Semi-Gloss Black Vinyl, stiff vinyl with Hollow Bead
    (Semi-Gloss Black)
FWV875H - 3/16"bead, 1-3/16"leg, 1-3/8"overall, 50ft
      (3/32"ID of Hollow Bead, Approx.)

(actual dimensions may vary slightly)
Sold by the foot,  or by the roll (#.ft),  or in bulk.
Order Desk:   Phone: 1-800-265-7606  (519-681-5931),   Fax: 519-681-4874.   Top

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