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Weatherstrips (with Stainless-Steel Bead)   Continued... Loading skematic...                    (Image Size: 32KB)
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Text from Images: weatherstrip with stainless-steel bead,weatherstrip,stainless steel,stainless-steel,bead YM68 flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000149,96" 15/64",41/64",23/64" YM93,flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000150,72" 75000151,96" 17/64",9/16",21/64" YM108X,rubber lip rubber-covered 75000197,72" 75000198,96" 29/64",11/16",33/64" YM169XP rigid polypropylene pile lining rubber-covered 75001344,96" 57/64",1/4" YM197XP rigid polypropylene pile lining rubber-covered 75001348,96" 45/64",7/16" YMR13X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75000193,96" 35/64",47/64",15/64" YMR26X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001487,96" 23/32",9/16" YMR219X supersedes YMR34X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75000808,72" 75001555,96" 5/16",3/4",1/2" YMR255X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001371,96" 59/64",1-3/32" YMR256X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001370 1",1-3/32"

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