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Text from Images: weatherstrip with stainless-steel bead,weatherstrip,stainless steel,stainless-steel,bead Weatherstrip with stainless-steel bead the finest quality weatherstrip available. flexible steel core is rubber-covered for moisture-proof corrosion protection. Live rubber cushions glass and seals weatherstrip tightly to molding. Thickwool or polypropylene pile fabric prevents penetration of dust, drafts and moisture. Anti-rattle protection is unsurpassed. Stainless-steel bead matches chrome trim of car and enhances appearance of installation. 30009837 rigid flock lining rubber-covered 75001599,96" 13/16",1/2" M232P flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75001351,96" 21/32",1/4" YM3,flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000142,72" 75000143,96" 7/16",15/64" YM30,flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000144,60" 75000145,72" 75000146,96" 23/32",9/32" YM52RP,rigid polypropylene pile lining rubber-covered 75000147,72" 75000148,96" 9/32",21/32" YM54R lexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000194,96" 9/16",17/64"

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