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Text from Images: weatherstrips without stainless-steel bead,weatherstrips, stainless steel,stainless-steel, bead Weatherstrips without stainless-steel bead, weatherstrips with no stainless-steel bead, no bead weatherstrips The best weatherstrip construction in the industry. Steel core is flexible and easily formed. Live rubber covers core superior corrosion protection...cushions glass and grips molding tightly. Close-packed wool or polypropylene pile fabric or felt seals out dust, drafts, and moisture. Eliminates rattles. DD3B flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000084,96" 11/16",3/8" M8 flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000085,72" 75000086,96" 9/16",1/4" M108X rigid rubber-covered 75001223,96" 11/16",29/64" M113 flexible pile lining uncovered 75000199,96" 9/16",7/32" M123 flexible pile lining rubber-covered 75000088,96" 7/16",17/64" M141P flexible polypropylene pile lining rubber-covered 75001281,96" 21/32",1/4" M224XP rigid polypropylene pile lining uncovered 75001625,96" 31/64",17/32" MR27X rigid rubber-covered 75001346,96" 41/64",13/32" MR39X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001379,96" 29/64",45/64",1/2" MR87X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001457,96" 29/64",45/64",1/2" MR172X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001181,96" 43/64",3/8" MR260X rigid flocked lining rubber-covered 75001369,96" 1-13/64",25/32" V9 rigid pile lining rubber-covered 75001132,96" 19/32",19/32",7/32",1/4"

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