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Text from Images: unbeaded channels with steel core,unbeaded,channels,steel core,steel,core Unbeaded Channels with Steel Core Rubber covering,where used gives long-life protection against corrosion,noise and rattles. Inside lining, whether wool or polypropylene pile, felt or special fabrics, is tightly woven for maximum glass cushion. Colors won't fade. Flexible steel core,whether perforated or corrugated,forms easily and quickly for a perfect fit to any contour without pulling or stretching. 2C Flexible Felt Lining Rubber Covered 75000003,60" 75000004,72" 75000005,96" 75000006,108" 9/16",5/8",1/4" 3A1 Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000011,96" 5/8",3/16",1/2",1/4" 3C1 Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000013,60" 75000014,72" 75000015,96" 75000017,108" 5/8",9/16",1/4" 3D1 Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000019,96" 11/16",9/64",5/8",1/4",3/16" 3J4 Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-covered 75000023,72" 75000024,96" 75000025,120" 1-7/64",1/2",3/16",1/4",3/16",1/4" 3K1 Rigid Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000026,72" 75000028,96" 11/32",29/64",1/2",1/4" 5P Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000031,72" 75000032,96" 3/8",1/8",1/2" 5R Rigid Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000034,72" 75000035,96" 3/8",3/16",1/4",1/2" 5V Rigid Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000036,36" 75000038,72" 75000039,96" 1/2",1/2",3/16",1/4"

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