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Text from Images: beaded channels,beaded,channels Beaded Channels Stainless or galvanized-steel bead provides extra trim and increases side-wall rigidity. Closed-packaged wool or Polypropylene pile fabric lining gives heady cushion and weather-tight fit with minimum friction to glass. Extra long life assured by galvanizing our super-thick,rubber-covered steel core. Where used, the rubber-covered steel core gives utmost protection against corrosion,noise and rattles. Y526 Flexible Pile Lining rubber-covered 75000095,60" 75000096,72" 75000098,96" 75000100,108" 3/16",1/4",5/8" Y528-1 Flexible Pile Lining Cloth-covered 75000108,54" 75000109,60" 75000110,72" 75000111,96" 75000112,108" 9/16",3/16",1/4",5/8" Y563-2,Rigid Pile Lining Uncovered 75000114,72" 75000115,96" 33/64",1/2",1/4",3/16" Y577 Flexible Polypropylene Pile Lining Rubber Covered 75000118,96" 7/32",5/8",9/16",1/4" Y582 Rigid Polypropylene Pile LiningU ncovered 75000119,96" 19/32",19/32",7/32",1/4" Y583 Rigid Polypropylene Pile Lining Uncovered 75000120,96" 29/64",31/32",7/32",1/4",7/32",1/4" Y614 Rigid Pile Lining Uncovered 75000121,72" 75000122,96" 3/8",31/64",3/16",1/4" Y619P Rigid Polyproplylene Pile Lining Uncovered 75000123,72" 75000124,96" 1/2",5/8",3/16",1/4" Y620 Flexible Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000201,72" 75000202,96" 25/32",5/8",1/2",3/16",1/4" Y630P Flexible Polyproplylene Pile Lining Rubber-covered 75000128,60" 75000129,72" 75000130,96" 9/16",9/16",3/16",3/4" Y658X Rigid Pile Lining Uncovered 75000133,72" 75000134,96" 1/2",1/2",3/16",1/4" Y660X Rigid Pile Lining Uncovered 75000135,72" 75000136,96" 39/64",35/64",1/2",7/32",9/32" Y691P Flexible Polyproplylene Pile Lining Rubber-Covered 75000987,60" 17/64",39/64",9/16",3/4"

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