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Edge Trims Steel-Core (Flexible, Snaps-On)

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Text from Original Images:
, .390" x .520", showing, displaying, 1/16 material, U shaped trim, double lip, 2 lipped, dual gripping, edge-trim, flexible, edge trims, snap-on, snapons, edgetrim, quick edge trim, quickedge, regular type, jumbo type, regular, steel core, steel rib, ribbed, segmented, inside, flexible, twistable, bendable, flex, twist, bend, grips 1/32" to 3/16", grip range, best results, 1/16 or thicker, materials, Our Discontinued Original Part numbers colours colors and descriptions: snap-on trims (regular and jumbo types), snap-on, trims, regular type, jumbo type, regular, jumbo regular snap-on trim, grips 1/8" to 3/16", 6-100 ft rolls per carton, #SO150 black, #SO152 lt. met. blue, #SO155 navy, #SO156 off white, #SO157 parchment, #SO158 red, #SO159 dark red, #SO160 silver, #SO162 white, #SO163 charcoal, #SO164 dk brown, #SO165 dk blue, #SO166 bulkskin, #SO167 maroon, Single Lip Snap-on trim, grips 1/8" to 3/16", #SO1205 black, Jumbo Snap-on trim, grips 1/8" to 3/16", 6-80 ft rolls per carton, #JSO1 black, #JSO1 white, Close-up view, enlarge, magnify, of SO150, black, Vinyl (PVC) extrusion, with, Flexible segmented, metal core, (for gripping strength).


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End View Diagram-Schematics of Standard Double Lip Snapon Flexible Steel Core Quick Edge Trims       Click to Enlarge - End View photo of Standard Double Lip Snapon Flexible Steel Core SnapOn Quick Edge Trims
    Grip Range: 1/32" to 3/16"   (best results on 1/16 or thicker materials)
    Sold by the foot,  and in 100ft carton packages,  and in bulk.
Colours           PN#

ET-1009 Beige   ET1009    Beige
  (While Available)

ET-1027 Black   ET1027    Black

ET-1028 Green   ET1028    Green

ET-1029 Aqua   ET1029    Aqua

ET-1030 Gray   ET1030    Gray

ET-1031 Fawn   ET1031    Fawn

ET-1032 Off-White   ET1032    Off-White
Colours           PN#

ET-1033 Red   ET1033    Red

ET-1034 Royal Blue (Medium-Blue)   ET1034    Royal Blue (Med)
  (While Available)

ET-1035 Brown   ET1035    Brown

ET-1036 Bright-White   ET1036    Bright-White

ET-1043 Maroon   ET1043    Maroon (Dk-Red)
  (While Available)

ET1044 Navy   ET-1044    Navy (Dk-Blue)

ET-1045 Dark-Brown   ET1045    Dark-Brown
  (While Available)
NOTE:   Colours may vary slightly between computers, due to monitor, video card, and user settings.
Basic Installation Guide

Order-Desk:   Phone: 1-800-265-7606,  (519-681-5931),   Fax: 519-681-4874.

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